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Intended use
  • Face care



Dermomask® Night Active is an intensive anti-ageing line utilizing the cycle of intensified, night cellular regeneration. Immediately highlights the skin’s natural beauty. An effect like after luxury treatments at beauty parlours.


The Exfoliation repair mask contains 3% of Mandelic acid, which gently and safely stimulates cellular regeneration of the skin. Smooths away the skin structure and improves its tone. Pore sizes and acne changes are reduced as a result.


The anti-ageing effects of the formula are intensified by the content of 2% Ellagi-C, a natural active component. Ellagi-C increases the concentration of pure vitamin C, which participates in collagen synthesis in fibroblasts. Visibly reduces existing wrinkles.


The precious essence of White Truffle causes the skin to regain its velvety smoothness and brightness.




- stimulates cellular regeneration of the skin gently and safely

- smooth away the skin structure and improves it's tone

- pores and acne changes are reduced visibly



Instruction for use:

Apply the mask on the cleaned skin of the face, neck and cleavage. It is recommended for the application to take place between 10.00 p.m. and 1.00 a.m., when the increased cell division process begins. Leave for 10-15 minutes and then wash away with tepid water. Apply every 3 days in a series of 8 treatments. In case of sensitive skin, apply once a week in a series of 4 treatments, reducing the application time to 8 minutes.



Avoid the eye area. Avoid sunbathing and use creams with UV filters after the treatment. It is recommended to perform a tolerance test on the forearm skin before using the mask. A gentle tingling sensation during the treatment as well as reddish and/or peeling epidermis are normal reactions, although these may not occur. The alarming symptom is increasing warmth and burning. When this occurs, immediately wash the mask off with tepid water.



Damage to epidermis, dermatitis, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, viral infections (herpes), mycosis in the application site, acne in the active phase, fresh scars, neoplastic skin lesions, therapy with retinoids, predisposition for hyperpigmentation, pregnancy and lactation period.